Top Reasons Call Tracking Helps in Better Lead Generation

Business owners are probably familiar with Google Analytics and Google AdWords to track their marketing campaigns, as these smart tools give a good insight into online traffic

But they often overlook the telephone enquiries. We live in a smartphone-centric world, where people do everything from their phones. 

Even though more than half of the customers search for information online and make purchases, stats show that around 60% of them believe in contacting the business by making a phone call.

Therefore, call tracking is essential for better lead generation and increased conversion. 

Still, on the fence thinking about investing in call tracking services in Australia?

Here are the top reasons every business needs call tracking for lead generation.

Increases ROI (Return on Investment)

Every business wishes to have a better return on investment, and the ROI is a crucial metric to measure performance. 

As a business owner, you should know the cost and effort required to run a marketing campaign to reckon its profit. 

But, how do you improve the ROI? 

Call tracking helps your PPC campaigns as well as the business website. Call tracking services are great for determining what the advertisements are offering to the users and how many leads were generated by a campaign.

You can even track the close as well as bounce rate and use this information to tweak the marketing campaigns. 

Better Conversions 

Most businesses use Google AdWords to run online campaigns. The traffic clicks on the link fill out a form, and this is how one can track and convert the visitors.

But there’s no source to track the prospects calling you if there is no call tracking. With call tracking,  businesses can know about the customers calling instead of filling them.

When a business has an idea about the number of prospects calling, it can easily drive a strategy to convert them into customers. 

It has been seen that phone calls have a 30-50% conversion rate, which is way higher than other sources. Therefore, businesses that have active call tracking can fetch details of such prospects from the database to achieve better conversions.

It Helps You Determine the Keywords that Drive Calls 

With call tracking, Australian businesses can enhance the potency of paid online efforts by determining the keywords that are driving more calls and better conversions. 

Using Visitor Level Call Tracking, businesses can identify individual callers while knowing how they found them online. 

When you opt for call tracking services, you get access to effective tracking of the PPC visitors, and that’s how a business can find out the exact keywords that helped them get more calls and conversions.

This data about keywords can be paired with the new marketing campaigns for more advantage. 

Helps In Improving the Customer Experience 

Telephonic conversations contain a wealth of information that’s difficult to obtain without call tracking. Businesses that track incoming and outgoing calls can use this data to know about customer queries.

For example, if a marble store receives more calls regarding benchtops, they can use this information to clarify the customer’s concerns.

Also, this data can be used to train the new employees so that they can provide better customer service. 

Your Business Can Capture the Phone Leads in CRM 

Without active call tracking, hot leads can fall into a void. Furthermore, lead names might get written by the call reps on a notepad or a paper, which may get tossed into the bin.

But with call tracking, the data of all callers get saved in CRM. A CRM is a database that helps businesses check how many calls they have received along with the source and customer query.

This data is available on the cloud, so businesses operating Australia wide can use these details to drive more customers.

How Do I Get Call Tracking for My Business?

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