Let us Host your Phone System in the Cloud

That's what Hosted PBX is.  Simple monthly fees and call charges to get you on the phone making and receiving calls from anywhere in Australia




Users Local/National Mobiles
Home $5 per month 1 10 cents *Untimed* 10 cents per Minute ORDER
Business $29 per month 1+ untimed untimed ORDER
Premium $55 per month 20+ untimed untimed ORDER

Critical Information Summary

ALL  CALL  RATES  ARE  PER  MINUTE (unless explicitly said otherwise)


NBN rollout means you need VoIP for office phones

Congratulations, you have NBN yay. I hope you are one of the lucky people to get the good NBN, not the bad ones.

If you have not great internet, then sadly this is not the product for you sorry.  I suggest using a mobile.

If you have good internet, then the Hosted PBX product from Simple Telecom is a cheap way of taking calls from your customers, and making calls out.  We have 2 basic variants, the HOME edition, which is really just for making and receiving a few calls each month. Then we have the BUSINESS edition which is for general business use. We offer a inclusive pricing model on the Business plan which will give the accountant peace of mind knowing the fixed pricing nature of the cost.

Home $5

Great for ad-hoc making and receiving calls. Includes 1 Indial and 1 extension, with 1 device allowed to register at any given time.

With such a low price, this service is a perfect  way to save on your old line rentals!

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Business $29

Get included calls to all Australian fixed lines and Mobiles. Perfect for anyone who is on the phone a fair bit. This plan is designed to be per user and gives each user 1 Indial and 1 Extension, as well as a swag full of features such as voice mail, IVR menus, time based routing, call forwarding to mobiles etc.

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Premium $55

This is for offices with 20+ staff who are looking for a Unified communications platform.  This service integrates with Office 365 Teams and provides a full environment integrated across all devices.

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All of our plans include

Online Management and Reporting

With the Simple Console, you can login at any time and change the configuration of your Hosted PBX service.  This includes routing options, passwords and even general things like Business and Billing details.

Compatibility with Everything SIP

Want to use a softphone? Sure. Desk phone? Even better. Use an app on your mobile? Go for it (however watch data charges and call quality)

Stay connected on the go

Out and about all the time? Perfect. Use the Deskphone in the office and an App on the go - stay connected wherever you are.

Free Features

We include all the features that our Hosted PBX platform offers for free!  This means you can be as creative and demanding as you want without breaking the budget.

Perfect Call Quality

We use enterprise grade equipment giving us perfect call quality.

Need to do something Tricky?>

Cool! Tell us what you are wanting and if it isn't an off the shelf option, we will come up with something creative to make your day.

Need help? Jump on the phone and we will run you through

We love talking to customers. Please just call (1300858751), we will do our best to answer every question you have!