1800 Number Pricing

Simple Telecom has a range of plans for 1800 numbers.  With pricing starting at $10/month, we have a plan to suit you!

1800 Number Pricing - Compare Our Plans



Fixed Line Mobile Includes
Prepaid 1800 $10 per month 15 c 35 c Includes $5 call credit
Prepaid Only
Light 1800 $15 per month 12 c 32 c Includes $5 call credit ORDER
Cap39 1800 $39 per month 10 c 30 c Includes 250 Fixed Line Minutes
Includes 100 Mobile Minutes
Fixed Cap39 1800 $39 per month 10 c 35 c Includes 500 Fixed Line Minutes ORDER
Mobile Cap39 1800 $39 per month 12 c 30 c Includes 250 Mobile Minutes ORDER
Cap79 1800 $79 per month 7 c 25 c Includes 750 Fixed Line Minutes
Includes 300 Mobile Minutes
High Volume 1800 $99 per month 5 c 16 c Includes $99 call credit ORDER

Critical Information Summary

SMS are charged at $0.20 per sms. You can enable/disable the SMS feature from your customer console.



$10 Per month

This plan is an excellent place for any new business or new number that isn't expecting a lot of calls initially. Remember you can always upgrade!

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$39 1800 Mobile Cap

This is by far our most popular plan providing excellent included value for anyone wanting to answer calls on their mobile.

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$99 High Volume 1800

Getting a serious volume of calls? Looking for the sharpest rates? This is the plan for you!

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Simple Telecom makes it all so easy

The process of getting a 1800 number should be easy and simple. Let us sort it out for you - in fact, you will be able to signup online and have your number within minutes (standard numbers only). Get started today by launching into the signup process.

Already got a service elsewhere?

Congratulations, you already know what the deal is. If you are here though maybe you need better service and a better plan. We can port numbers from any carrier. All you will need is to be able to produce an invoice proving the number is yours (if requested).  In general all we need is the account number. Ready to port?

Interested in a Premium number?

We can help you source a premium number and walk you through what other options you have in case your number is already taken (or on offer elsewhere at a price outside your budget).


Call us on 1300 858 751 and we will discuss what your options are.

All of our service levels include

Time Based Routing

Setup your 1800 Service to route based on the time. You can route the monday-friday, individual days, weekends, weekend days, really the sky is the limit when it comes to Time Based.

24 Hour Self Service

Need to make a change at 1am? Go for it. We don't need to be involved, just login to the customer console and make the change directly (+ test it before you sleep).

Professional Support

Looking for some professional advice? David's been supporting Local Australian business with 1800 numbers for 15 years now. He literally knows it all... Just give him a call.

Want to cook up something new?

Looking to come up with something weird? We can help. We do weird really well. Call us when you are keen to chat

Call Recording

Need to keep track of what was said and when it was said? Call Recording is a free feature of 1800 Numbers from Simple Telecom.

Is that a good thing?

Yes, it is! Grabbing a 1800 Number from Simple Telecom is the best decision you could make. Just check out the competition, you'll be back...

Need help? Call the friendly staff at Simple Telecom now

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* or you'll goto voicemail

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