Live Call Answering Services

Need us to handle some calls that you cannot get to? We can do it!





Monthly Plan Included Calls Additional Calls
Simple Answering Casual $30 per month 10 $3.20 ORDER
Simple Answering Standard $70 per month 25 $3.00 ORDER
Simple Answering Heavy $150 per month 60 $2.80 ORDER
Tele Receptionist Casual $35 per month 10 $3.60 ORDER
Tele Receptionist Standard $80 per month 25 $3.40 ORDER
Tele Receptionist Heavy $180 per month 60 $3.20 ORDER
Batphone Standard $50 per month 10 $5.50 ORDER
Batphone Heavy $140 per month 30 $5.00 ORDER
Tele Clerk Standard $80 per month 20 $4.20 ORDER
Tele Clerk Heavy $190 per month 50 $4.00 ORDER

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Critical Information Summary



Do you need some helping taking calls?

Lets just be upfront here - this is not the type of product you use to avoid talking on the phone to customers.  Use Voice to Email if that's what your after.

This product is really only suitable when you are attempting to provide a higher of service to your callers and having them interact with a real person instead of a machine (in your absence. Lets face it, you are special and cannot be substituted).

Still think this is perfect? Ok lets go.

We offer 90% call answering within 20 seconds, and that is 24/7 365 days per year.  We will answer your calls (however lets be realistic, it may not be instant).

Simple Answering

This is perfect as a overflow service. Too busy to grab the call? Send it to us. We can answer with a customised simple greeting, -> then grab name/number and maybe email if relevant for you.

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Tele Receptionist

Want that little bit more from the service? Ok - give us as much "basic" info as you can, and we will attempt to present that when asked. We can also route calls through to you (albeit blindly).

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Ok - things are pretty important at this stage. Need an after hours escalation service? This is your goto.  A bit complex to describe in 4 lines. Call us.

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People call to talk to Humans - not leave messages with Robots

Do yourself a favour and have a think about why someone is calling your business.  Is it to leave a message with a robot? Why wouldn't they just email?  Maybe it's urgent and they want to give you the option to provide exceptional customer service?

All of our service levels include

24 hours day x 7 days a week

Thats right, we always have staff logged in an ready to take your calls.

We make use of a "follow the sun" model

As you may have guessed, we aren't capable of staying awake always, so we share the load by having operators from around the world - allowing everyone to sleep at some point.

Plans include a SMS and E-mail for call

When we engage with your customer, we will send you an email and SMS with the message details from the caller.  hopefully, this is name & number - however not every caller is willing to supplying this...

Tell your friends (plz)

This product only works when we have enough volume to keep all the operators working. So - please tell your friends, the more the merrier!


Pro Tip - Keep your greeting and instructions simple enough that a teenager could follow the instructions. This leads to a better experience for everyone.

Humans are Humans.

Because we cannot control everything, sometimes we may take ages (or never) to answer some calls. This is ok, because we are human.  Use a robot if you need 100% coverage.

Got any more questions?

Just give us a call, or email, or IM. Whatever you prefer. We cannot answer 100% of the questions we do not receive.