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Simple Telecom has been supplying 1300 and 1800 numbers to Australian business since 2007 and continues to bring sharp pricing and fantastic features to the market.


Are you looking for a new 1800 number for your Australian business?

We can supply you with a excellent number today, in fact in most cases its actually connected and ready to go within minutes of you finishing your signup application.  Give us a call on 1300 858 751 if you want to discuss anything before proceeding with the online signup process.

Simple Telecom has been supplying 1800 numbers to Australian business since 2007 and continues to bring sharp pricing and fantastic features to the market.

The 1800 number that Simple Telecom will supply your business can:

  • Be used listed on your website, business cards and anywhere else you need it
  • Can be connected to your 
    • Fixed Line
    • Mobile Phone
    • Skype Number
    • Any other phone number
  • Starts at $10 per month
  • Has detailed reporting information including caller ID information
  • Includes a bunch of free features such as: 
    • Free Voice To Email
    • Free Call Recording
    • Free IVR Menu
    • Free Call Overflow
    • Unlimited updates (instant)
  • Has an online control panel which allows you to make changes

For information on pricing: 1800 Pricing

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The difference between a 1300 number and an 1800 number


Without fail, every day a question will be asked around this, David from Simple Telecom gets asked by callers what is the difference between a 1300 prefix and an 1800 prefix and what is is best suited for their business. Thankfully, you will have an easy time choosing between the two prefixes as there are only a few differences to consider in a practical sense.

The Cost difference - virtually none, potential for slight variations in 1300 vs 1800 on the callers end. No difference to the business owner.

Perception – if your target market doesn’t understand what 1800 numbers are, they may incorrectly associate them with the opposite thing and think it will cost them more money to call the 1800.  Maybe do some research with your target customers to gauge this. If you are dealing with the in particular “uneducated” boomer+ segment, definitely worth checking.

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