How to Port Your 1800-number to a New Service Provider in Australia?

Are you wondering if you can port an 1800-number to a new telco? The answer is yes! It is possible to keep the same number while changing the service provider. 

We’ve all been there, you sign up with a telco, and their level of service goes down with time. However, the best thing about owning an 1800-number is that you can port it to a new telco if you are unhappy with the services and plans.

However, not every business knows the right ways to port their number without any hassle, as the existing telco won’t disclose it. 

Here are some easy steps to choose a new service provider in Australia and operate your 1800-number.

How Do I Transfer My 1800-Number to a New Telco?

If you are already using an 1800-number, you can choose a new service provider without any issues. Furthermore, the process is really simple and doesn’t require you to be involved in a lot of formalities. 

Businesses that own an 1800-number that isn’t active can also follow the same approach to choose a reliable telco. Here are some essential points of information you should know for a seamless porting process. 

You need:

  • The 1800 number
  • Name of your 1800 account number
  • Name of your current telco carrier 

Contact your preferred telco in Australia with all these details, and they will help you change the carrier. 

What Happens to the Number When It Is Under Porting?

The new telco you have chosen contacts the older telco company to process the port-away request. In the meantime, the new carrier readies your account and works on the additional services you have requested for. 

Once the old carrier processes the port-away request, the new company activates the number on their platform. 

The 1800-number may get inactive for some time, so it would be great to discuss it with the new telco to get more details. 

Some Tips to Find the Best 1800- Number Carrier in Australia 

Merely searching for the “best 1800-number provider” will land hundreds of results, so it can be daunting to choose a reliable telco. Read on, as the below-mentioned tips will assist you in choosing the best carrier for your 1800-number.

Research Thoroughly 

Before you cancel your terms with the current telco, it would be great to do some research and find good options. If the only reason you are porting is the increased cost, then find some carriers that offer cheap services. 

Similarly, you can choose a service provider based on your requirements and the type of services you expect from them.

Compare the Plans 

Now that you have selected 4 or 5 telco companies, compare the plans and services they offer. It is not necessary to settle down with the cheapest carrier, as you may not get a decent level of service there. 

Make a list of parameters, such as the price, services they offer, how promptly they answer your queries and use these details to choose the new company.

Look for Future Possibilities 

You don’t change carriers every day, so it is indispensable to look at your business’s future with the new carrier you are porting to. Talk to them about the extra services they offer or if there is anything the telco is planning to add to their services. 

Also, look at their range of products and check if they offer call tracking, live call answering, hosted VoIP PBX services, and more since these are really helpful in managing a business. 

Always Choose the Experts 

You should always choose the industry experts that are well aware of the 1800-number and things related to it. Make sure the new telco you want to choose is in this business for years and has a good clientele in the area. 

Also, skim through the customer testimonials to know more about the customer experience you can expect from them.


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