Why Brisbane Real Estate Businesses are getting 1300 Numbers from Simple Telecom?

Are you looking for an inbound number that will yield better marketing response rates for your business? Have you been racking your brain to find effective ways to expand your real estate business? Then we’ve got a solution that will resolve all your problems related to marketing and communication.

The answer lies with 1300 numbers provided by Simple Telecom and it is pretty straightforward to set up.

But before we begin let’s talk about why many real estate businesses in Brisbane and all over Australia are looking towards 1300 numbers for their official communication and marketing channels.

To begin with, 1300 numbers are not bound geographically and provide so many features that in the long run, it turns out to be a profitable investment with positive Return on Investment (ROI) rates.

Resolve Issues with Effective Marketing

Have you wondered what it takes to create an effective marketing strategy for a business regardless of the domain?

It begins by ensuring that your customers can contact you through various mediums, even via the phone no matter how outdated it might seem. Nowadays, with digital marketing and social media taking up much of the advertising budgets for companies, it can be easy to ignore the need to purchase an inbound number to receive calls from different customers and be readily available.

1300 numbers not only provide businesses affordable inbound numbers but they ensure that multiple agents can receive calls via cheap 1300 numbers that aren’t a strain on your budget. The popularity of these numbers has skyrocketed over the years as more businesses are purchasing them to answer local queries from customers and having active channels for communication.

What is more, you can’t do effective marketing without tracking results from various campaigns. With 1300 numbers you get a whole package that provides so much more than just one line for communication. You can also connect it to your mobile numbers, skype, or any other phone number. Simply, add the 1300 numbers to your business cards and see an increase in enquiries for your business.

To market your business or brand locally, purchasing 1300 numbers especially as a Brisbane business you will see a remarkable uptick in traffic and positive ROI as well. But that is not all, let’s talk about some of the amazing benefits you get from 1300 numbers.

Benefits of the 1300 Numbers

Purchasing a 1300 number can help with exposure and increasing brand awareness locally. However, that is not all, here are some benefits that you get by purchasing 1300 numbers through Simple Telecom:

  • Notifications for Missed Calls: Although it is hard to be active 24/7 when it comes to handling business queries, 1300 numbers provide you notifications for missed calls, emails etc. this way you’re able to keep track of all missed calls or emails you may have received while business is closed for the day or during holidays.
  • Competitive edge: we’re all looking for that one competitive edge that can separate us from our competitors and place us on the radar of our targeted audience. And while new businesses or start-ups may not be able to afford big marketing budgets to advertise their services or products, a 1300 number can still provide that edge to create an easy access channel for new or returning customers to enquire about a business.
  • Get analytical: the best way to gauge how well a marketing campaign, resource, or tool is providing value is by looking at the numbers. Numbers speak volumes and if you have the right tools to analyse and present the data to get meaningful information to make informed decisions, it can help your business move forward. Simple Telecom provides analytics to see how your investment is returning favourable impressions and an uptick in calls.
  • Positive Return on Investment (ROI): we’ve mentioned ROI a few times in this post so let’s break it down here. ROI is the value a business gains from a certain investment. In the case of 1300 numbers, the main ROI can be quantified not only by an uptick in calls received by your business, but potential sales conversions as well. For service based companies this can result in a rise of various services sold. The same can be said for more traffic in store, online and various social media platforms.
  • Be available 24/7: who says your business needs to be available only 5 days a week. 1300 numbers ensure that your customers can the information they need even on the weekends by routing calls to staff that are on call on the weekends. This way there isn’t a period when you are unavailable or at the risk of missing out on potential sales or enquiries.
  • So many features: 1300 numbers also provide so many other features like recording calls for future references or security purposes, email notifications, voice to email notifications in case of missed calls, and many other features. Plus, you get to track and manage all these features from a single platform for ease of access.

As it may be evident from the above mentioned benefits of purchasing a 1300 number for a business operating in any domain – either retail, e-commerce, hospitality, service based or any other – the benefits from a 1300 number are too many to be ignored. Since, they are priced at an affordable price point, purchasing 1300 numbers from Simple Telecom will be a profitable investment for both small and large businesses in the long run.

Not only that, such cheap 1300 numbers are a great way for a new start-up or business to expand locally before reaching different cities or going global. Simply add the number to your contact information both online and offline, and see a rise in calls and possible sales. It really can’t get more effective and affordable when it comes to marketing with a 1300 number.

To get a new 1300 number for your business, contact Simple Telecom today.