Increasing trend of Mobile VoIP usage

The trend of using Mobile VoIP is continuously increasing and the market generates the revenue of almost $2.5 Billion. With the increase in use, the revenue is continuously increasing. Visiongain is an independent organization that analysis Telecoms, Defense, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, and Metals Industries. They have recently analyzed the mobile Voice over Internet protocol market over the period of 2012 to 2017.

The report has given detailed analysis regarding how the leading low-cost call provider Simple Telecom is using the latest technology. They have also discussed the ability to utilize source less expensive alternatives. Majorly, the success of VOIP is due to the increase in the use of smart phones. Smart phones fulfill all the requirements that are necessary for VoIP.

Mobile VoIP technology is currently at a very critical stage of its life cycle. At this point, the users are looking forward to saving their money; while on the other hand, they also want to avail the benefits of VoIP. Observing the telecom company’s perspective, they are trying to avoid other users to use their network. Mobile VoIP is greatly impacting long distance calls and text messages.

Simple Telecom endorsed the report published by VisionGain. The spokesman from Simple Telecom commented that the report is the true reflection of the society. Customers, on one hand, want to save money while they also wanted to avail the maximum benefits of mobile VoIP. With the increase in the use of social media platforms, consumers got used to utilizing free services. At this time, making them going back to pay high tariffs and bill data is not feasible.

The report has given a very detailed review on the growing trend of mobile VoIP. The progress till 2027 has been shown through graphs, charts, and tables. This is done in order to provide visual analysis to the people. It makes it easy for the common man to understand that how the mobile VoIP is impacting the telecom sectors and what trends it will follow till 2027.

Many Telco’s are very pleased with the UK government initiative to allow their users to make low-cost international calls. The cost does not involve any hidden charges nor have the users to create accounts. They have allowed their citizens to make calls as low as 1 pence per minute and it is really very remarkable. The days of paying high bills are now gone and users now cannot tolerate high bills for telecommunication.

Mobile VoIP is providing reliable and cheap services to users as an alternate to make international calls. The advancement of technology had made this earth as a global village and the importance of making international calls has also increased along with it. Making international calls to Germany, France, Ukraine and hundreds of other countries is not a difficult task. The user will face no barrier in making the calls to these countries.

Observing the details given by the VisionGain report and analyzing the current trends, the future of mobile VoIP seems to be very optimistic. Mobile VoIP is changing the typical telecommunication industry.