Understanding Intergraded Service Digital network ISDN an IP Connections

In the past telephone networks used analog signals. The signals however would become degraded after going through various lines of switches thus resulting in noise interruption. After a while it became difficult to determine the original signal as there was too much noise in the signal.

Fortunately with digital encoding it became possible to solve the noise elimination problem. As the digital revolution caught momentum, telephone companies started taking advantage of digital phone networks thus giving birth to the integrated digital network IDN.

ISDN which stands for integrated services digital network is a design for a telecommunication network that is fully digitalized. This network is structured to accommodate all types of data. It offers different options of data transfer from one point to the other when compared to the older version. ISDN is a revolutionary telephone network design that provides a single interface for attaching all telecommunication devices.

What it costs

The cost of an ISDN connection depends with your telephone company as they charge according to different rates and equipment budget. Most telephone companies use the same charges as the normal business lines. They also measure the overall time used on the circuit plus other normal long distance charges that may apply in determining the price.

ISDN and video conferencing

Another technological revolution that has grown over the year is video conferencing. In the past video conferencing used to be an expensive affair that could only be done with important tools that connected people from one point to the other with audio visuals. In the 1990’ the primary connection for video conference systems was on ISDN networks.

The main advantage of using ISDN has been guaranteed bandwidth on a point to point connection. In the 90’s the 128k per line bandwidth was mostly enough as most data was smaller. However this bandwidth transfer rate has grown to become slow in today’s world of big data.

This has led to critics saying there is need for faster connectivity. As result of the slow performance of the ISDN networks over time a new standard of video conferencing has emerged.

IP video conferencing

IP video conferencing function over IP connections in packet switched networks. This therefore means that a point to point connection is unnecessary making it different from the ISDN video conferencing. IP video conferencing have been widely adapted in professional video conferencing and are considerably faster compared to the traditional ISDN video conferencing. For this reason they are more expensive compared to ISDN connections.

Making the right choice for your business

Having a basic understanding of the different network designs that you business can take advantage of makes it easier to decide what works. ISDN is still believed to be an entry level connection path to the internet by various experts. This is despite the fact that it has experienced some major problems with the speed of data transfer. 

Most of the telephone companies are projected to lower their ISDN connection prices going further into the future. For businesses that have low requirements and only want to use internet for simple tasks in, an isdn connection can be the ideal choice.

Companies that are heavy users of video conferencing tools can use IP connections to facilitate high quality video conferencing. This can be a big advantage because these companies can get to save money on travelling costs for their major business meetings.

The competitive advantage

Lastly, the advantages that your business can benefit from by setting up an ISDN line or an IP connection for its internet and phone purposes are countless. The market is ever growing and the competition keeps getting tougher. For any company to win in today’s business world they have to stay connected to the entire team so as to eliminate any inconveniences of staying out of touch. Finding a telephone company that helps you set up such connections will surely set you up for the first position in your industry.