Understanding Dynamic Advertisement

The term dynamic advertising originates from various sources of the digital marketing world. It refers to advertisements that are generated on the go according to customer’s preferences on the web. If you have an e-commerce website, you can make good use of the traffic you receive from the visitors on your website by placing dynamic adverts on your site. This doesn’t mean that dynamic advertising only applies to online businesses; any enterprise can take advantage of customized advertisements in order to improve sales.

Dynamic ads can transform the way you sell and promote your products online. By customizing each ad with the customer’s preferences, a dynamic ad will be able to promote relevant products or services to a shopper browsing through your catalogue online.  This method of advertisement will save you the time it takes to configure individual products in your promotions. It can also ease the task of finding relevant products or services online for your shoppers. By only showing products that are important to a particular customer, your business will increase its rate of conversion and ultimately make more sales


  • To get started with dynamic advertising, you first have to set up your product or service catalogue. Basically this is a list of all the products and services you are offering on your site. With specific attributes attached to each product or service. A dynamic ad system will be able to generate customized adverts for your customers based on the catalogue you’ve set up.
  • After having set up your catalogue you can now be able to monitor and review activities on your site using the dynamic ad system in place. Whenever a shopper online adds an item to basket or purchases an item, you will be able to review that shoppers activity on you website therefore giving you more control of your product or service sales online.
  • With more people browsing through your site and reviewing different products, the dynamic ad system gets more entries and updates the various browsing patterns of your shoppers. For instance a shopper looking for a watch on your site will get the option of browsing related products on their next login.


Understanding how dynamic ads work is not enough, you have to go a step further and learn how you can customize this amazing tool to fit into your business. The following are steps on how to make dynamic advertising work for you.

  • The first step towards taking full advantage of a dynamic ad system is to start with a simple plan of building your brand from the ground up. This means you will have to do experiments with particular products before going all out to promote everything in your catalogue. By trial and error you will in time figure out the trends and browsing patterns of your shoppers without spending all of your money investing in dynamic adverts for all your products.
  • Present very clear and straight forward messages in your dynamic ads. The habit of being straight forward in your adverts will help you stay relevant to your shoppers online. Use simple short messages that are clear and easily understood by the shopper.
  • Include a creative strategy in each advert such that after the dynamic ad is generated, you include a call to action message for your customers to react to. This might sound like a simple task but understanding the tiny details of each strategy or call to action can rapidly increase your conversion rate.