The Benefits of Call and Email Tracking

As a business owner it is very important to have a marketing campaign in place to continuously improve your client list and expand your company. Nowadays there are various tools that a company can take advantage of towards achieving business growth. Apart from promoting your service or product online, and driving traffic to your website, you can also use calls an d emails as marketing tools in your company. Call and email tracking can greatly assist your company to track down leads and help your company determine which marketing strategies are generating more sales and which ones are failing.

How call tracking works.

A call tracking service allows you to track, compare and review phone generated traffic to your company by assigning different phone numbers to your marketing channels. Each channels number is attached to your business number and therefore all calls from your customers are directed to the various marketing channels that generated the calls. Your staff can hence answer calls from different marketing channels and determine which of those channels is generating more leads and which channels are behind.

How email tracking works

An email tracking software works such that an invisible image pixel is attached on all the emails that are sent from your marketing campaigns to your customers. The email tracker therefore can detect when an email is opened and from which device it was opened from. Considering the fact that emails are more personal, your email tracking software does not allow you to view or read emails in your client’s inbox, it only allows you to monitor email activity.


  • Call and email tracking strengthens the marketing strategies of a company by providing valuable content and insight. Interactions with the customers at this level can yield insight that equips a company with the right information about where the attention of the customers is shifting to. Keeping track of the needs and interests of the client can be an important task that keeps the company on a growth trajectory with its clients.
  • A company can also save both time and money by optimizing the performance of its marketing strategy.  For a call tracking system, business owners can save money and increase their ROI by eliminating marketing channels that do not generate enough conversion rates. On the other hand, with an email tracking software, a company can save time, by understanding when it’s appropriate to send emails to its customers. knowing the device a customer is using to read your email from, enables you to know whether its possible to continue sending more emails to the customer or not. This can save your company precious time for other activities.
  • With a call or an email tacking system in place, knowing whether your staff is working towards generating more leads is made easy. You can simply review data and identify who is making more leads and who is not. Your company can also be able to determine whether your staff needs more training and in what particular skill this training should be invested.
  • By understanding your client’s interest and needs, you will be able to adequately customize your product or service each and every day.  You therefore stand a chance of increasing your conversation rate by using a call and email tracking system and henceforth increasing your company’s sales.

While there are many call and email tracking services available, it is recommended to start your call and email tracking as early as possible so as not to miss out on the turning tables of a fast passed information age. Make sure that your getting a reliable service that is quick, responsive and valuable.