Simple Telecom is compliant with the TCPCODE and the ACMA requirements. There are critical information summaries available for all our products and plans as well as various procedures and documentation outlining how Simple Telecom will support you no matter the circumstance.

Critical Information Summaries

1300 Numbers Critical Information Summary
1800 Numbers Critical Information Summary
Live Call Answering Critical Information Summary
Voip Hosted PBX Critical Information Summary
Call Tracking Critical Information Summary
Teams for Office365 Critical Information Summary

Appointing an Authorised Representative or Advocate

For information on how to appoint an authorised representative or advocate for your account please read Appointing an Authorised Representative.

Billing Procedures

Simple Telecom has an automated electronic invocing and direct debit system which ensures invoicing and payments operate smoothly and regularly each month.

Simple Telecom will send you an electronic invoice via email in the first few days of each calendar month. Its due on the 20th, with automated direct debits being collected on our around the 12th of each month.

If payment isn't received by the due date a reminder or direct debit dishonour email will be sent to the customer.
If an automated direct debit dishonour is rejected a direct debit administration fee may be applied.
If payment still isn't received, a late payment administration fee may be applied.

Unauthorised Account Access

Simple Telecom has an obligation to protect the security of your account at all times.

If you forget your password, you can follow the "Forgot my password" link on the login page. Simple Telecom does not store your password in a readable format and cannot assist you with this over the phone or email, you MUST use the link.

Security questions will be asked to telephone calls to ensure the caller is an authorised representative.

Requests over email will need to be verified through a phone call back, and speaking with an authorised representative to confirm the request.

Spend Management Tools

The customer console has been designed to allow customers to manage their spend easily. Customers can login and monitor their service usage, manage and configure their services and contact Simple Telecom easily.

Financial Hardship Policy

For information on how to apply for financial hardship please read Financial Hardship Policy or read the Financial Hardship Policy Summary for a quick summary of the policy and how it might help you.

Complaint Handling Policy

For information on how we handle complaints internally please read Complaint Handling Process Summary

Networks Used

Simple Telecom utilises the Telstra, Optus, AAPT and Soul Networks as principal carriers to deliver services. Simple Telecom is responsible for the service to their customers (e.g. all customer complaints need to go through Simple Telecom) and Simple Telecom is not affiliated with any of the principal carriers.