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Looking for a Hosted VoIP system for your business?

Get an excellent quality Hosted VoIP PABX, which is basically a hosted or virtual phone system which operates over the internet. It allows you to make and receive telephone calls.

Pricing starts at $5 per month for the starter plan.

Some of the features available on the Hosted PBX:


Some questions for you if you are considering VOIP:


Which handset should I get?

We suggest using any of the Yealink handsets as a first preference. However we don’t sell them, just find your local computer retailer and work with them to source (or hit up google).

If you want some other alternatives, the Linksys and Cisco range are all good.  Beyond this, anything that supports 3rd party SIP with either G729, G722 or G711 SHOULD work.

What software do you recommend?

Features Unpacked

Simple Telecom has done some very advanced work in the Hosted PBX space and offers an unparalleled level of features that are commonly only available in absolute top end platforms for an extremely high price.

Call Recording

One of the flagship features that really draws demand is the ability to record phone calls. Both inbound calls and outbound calls can be recorded. These recordings have a legal requirement that you inform all parties in the phone call that the call has been recorded and the purpose of that recording.  The recordings are available inside the Simple Console for up to 90 days. Please ensure you have listened to them, or downloaded them yourself before they are routinely removed for both storage and privacy reasons.

Voice To Email & Voice Mail.
Email Notifications
Call Overflow
Conference Calls

What is Simple Telecom’s Hosted PBX VoIP?

Voice-Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP as it is better known, is innovation which empowers voice and brings it to be used over the web. In the advanced time of always developing networks, this is a higher priority than at any other time and is undeniably more solid, powerful and interesting to individuals than obsolete technologies strategies for calling individuals with respect to the opposite side of the planet. VOIP just communicates the voice information of whoever is talking through standard IP information procedures utilized on the web and submits it to the recipient. 

VOIP can communicate with all web orientated gadgets along these lines, and IP empowers the capacity for picture, video and text utilisation. The real power inherit in VOIP is yet to fully be uncovered and there is constant innovation and expansion in the sphere by some of the core players such as Skype, Slack and Microsoft O365 Teams.

Does VOIP suit my business?

We offer a fantastic set of features with the Simple Telecom Hosted VoIP PBX. We realize how significant it is for your business to believe a supplier on whom they can depend, as correspondence is the foundation of all business in the cutting edge age. Simple Telecom will do the best possible to maintain your service, and guarantee that you generally have the way to speak with customers, suppliers or co-workers inside your association. 

We have long stretches of involvement, and that is the reason we can offer such moderate costs and top notch bargains. We have an industry-driving standing, and that is on the grounds that we generally convey. We really care about our clients and offer a powerful norm of care and fulfillment. You get top notch quality and nothing less with us.


What about bad call Quality?

Maybe your business has had a terrible involvement with VOIP before, and you don't need a rehash of that. Maybe you're stressed over destroying your standing through awful lines of correspondence and the chance of depicting an amateurish picture. Indeed, we will not allow that to occur. We realize that your business is profoundly expert, and we accept that picture and notoriety shouldn't be muddied by poor VOIP quality. We guarantee you generally have the informative unwavering quality your business needs for significant exchanges, deals and urgent calls or messages. 

Dissimilar to others in the business who probably won't offer a reliably and continually dependable help, Simple Telecom offer premium assistance. That implies that Simple Telecom get’s no bad things to say, and our clients are exceptionally satisfied. The straightforward justification our prosperity is that we pay attention to your requirements, and we generally answer your inquiries as fast as could really be expected.