Looking for a easy way to track leads for certain advertising or special landing pages?

Simple Telecom presents the Line Hunt product, which can be used for Call and Email Tracking.

A major advertising company approached us looking for this custom service. We worked with them to develop this product, now its being launched to the public.

Services start at $5 per month and get cheaper once you have a few live services.

There are actually stacks of FREE features that come with the Call and Email Tracking:

  • Call Recording
  • Email Notifications - 100% brandable
  • Call Whisper and Recorded Announcements
  • Built in Voice To Email
  • Detailed call reporting
  • Detailed email lead information
  • Ability to mark each lead (call or email) as a Conversion
  • Reporting on the ROI through customisable fields
  • Online access to create services when required
  • Time based routing
  • Call overflow

For information on pricing: Call and Email Tracking Pricing

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